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Kelley Rosano Kelley Rosano is an authority on astrology, coaching and spirituality. She has been an astrologer for over forty years. Kelley has been in her full practice for twenty years. She is inspiring, uplifting and empowering. She is an astrological intuitive and a highly effective coach. Kelley loves to sing, dance, laugh and have fun.

She weaves astrology and coaching together in a tapestry of love, wisdom and power that can transform your life. She has a gift for quickly pinpointing where you limit or hold yourself back. Nothing gets past her and she doesn’t hesitate to give you the truth that you need to hear. I have known her for over twenty years. When you apply her insight, you’ll be amazed how fast your life changes for the better. Knowing your astrology will empower you. You can relax in the peace that you are on the right path. You will be in the right place at the right time. You will seize the opportunities. Live your divine passion. Live from your heart, in JOY and Thrive!


Love and the Law of Attraction

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Harness the Power of Intention to Create the Love You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Are you currently single or questioning whether your partner is your soul mate? Do you seek to deepen the connection you have in your relationship now? People from all over the world are utilizing the exercises contained in this revolutionary book to manifest the unique soul mate relationship they’ve been dreaming of.

This simple, step-by-step guide will help you create a long-lasting relationship that is rooted in intimacy of all kinds – spiritual, emotional, sexual and intellectual – creating a continuous source of joy and inspiration in your life.


Drawing on years of experience, the author traces a path toward true love by revealing:

• How to let go of the past and develop the Self Love needed to find your soul mate
• Discover love for your body and make space for true love to enter your life
• Easy, targeted exercises that will manifest your soul mate relationship
• Tests to reveal if your current partner is your one true love
• How to peacefully transition out of an unhealthy relationship
• Re-ignite the love you share in your existing relationship with specific techniques that will awaken your soul mate relationship today


Love & The Law of Attraction will provide the tools you need to walk through life filled with love, devotion and possibility. Knowing that the powerful Law of Attraction is always at work, this book will help guide your intentions toward what you truly desire.



Chapter 1: Your First Love

Chapter 2: Loving Your Body

Chapter 3: Letting Go of the Past

Chapter 4: Making Space for Love to Enter Your Life

Chapter 5: Manifesting Soul Mate Relationships

Chapter 6: is Your Partner is a True Love Relationship?

Chapter 7: Transitioning Out of an Unhealthy Relationship

Chapter 8: Re-Awakening Existing Love

Chapter 9: Additional Exercises




Opening Your Creative Pathways

The Law of Attraction and the creative power of intention have been covered at length by many authors over the years. I imagine if you’ve picked up this book you are already a powerful co-creator in your life or possess the desire to awaken the energy that will allow you to manifest your dreams.

The intention for this book is to provide focused exercises that will light your life with love. Utilizing the affirmations contained in the pages of this book will promote a way of living with passion and spiritual connection to the world around you.

I encourage you to focus your energy on the chapters that pertain to your story. This book is not designed to be read in sequence but rather to serve as a workbook for finding the love you dream to discover. You are to journal your development and come back to the exercises as your intention evolves and begins to manifest.

Know that Spirit does not wish for you to be alone. Spirit wants you to be joyful – the indicator of an individual tapped into the energy that creates worlds.


What is a Soul Mate?

Your soul mate is at the center of your spiritual family. This individual is a soul of light whom you feel a compatible energy for and with whom you intuit an enigmatic connection. Soul mates share an inner soul knowing, a soul recognition, and déjà vu, such as the feeling of meeting a long lost friend. A person can be enveloped in a joyful homecoming in the presence of their soul mate. You have the feeling of an effortless companion who will accept you unconditionally.

Soul mate relationships are powerful forces of love that can dissolve anger, hate, prejudice, and pride – replacing negative emotion with love, peace and unity. The tremendous power of a soul mate’s true love is not only transformative. This love has the ability to end war and bring harmony on a global scale. This is why Spirit is uniting Soul Mates. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Soul Mate Love. This is True Love.

All unions are essential for our soul evolution. No relationship is a mistake. Our relationships serve as opportunities for learning, acceleration on our life path, JOY and mutual growth. Soul mates come together when we have reached a higher level of self-acceptance, interdependence and wholeness. You must be the Soul Mate to you first, in order to attract your True Love.

We were all born with an innate knowing that somewhere out there is someone who knows our soul like none other. S/he will love you unconditionally, a true love that will champion your dreams and accepts your imperfections. Whether you meet your soul mate early in life, or have spent many years on a single path. Know that you possess the power to manifest this person at exactly the right time. Timing is everything! This is why it is important to know your personal astrology. Your astrology will reveal when you are most likely to meet your True Love.


Chapter 1: Your First Love

The process of allowing your soul mate to enter your life begins with you. The unique love you give to yourself. Focusing on your limitations, imperfections and the wrongdoings of the past, hold your soul away from allowing the love you deserve to enter your life.
Remember, the law of attraction is always working. You will find evidence of your thoughts all around you. If you want to manifest the person of your dreams, you must first tell a blissful story about where your life is headed.

It would be a lie to say that after you have worked through this stage of personal development you will love everything about yourself. We all have small quirks that we wish we could change, and often find the things we loathe about ourselves mirrored in our lovers. Know that the path to self-acceptance requires a period spent building a solid connection to your Inner Being and Source.

The road away from loneliness and unhealthy relationships begins when we merge our Soul with our Higher Self. This is a personal sacred relationship between Self and Source. This holy union is nurtured in your alone time. Your independence of others and time free from external influences are required. In other words, when you fall in love with Source your Soul Self flourishes.

As a result, your Soul awakens bringing outrageous abundance, peace, joy and love into your life. Only people who have become who they really are will be ready for their soul mate. Soul mates are interdependent; two individuals united in purpose and bound by heart-centered love. Soul mate relationships occur by pre-life soul agreements.

Can I be in an Unhealthy Relationship with My Soul Mate?
If you do not love and take care of yourself, then all the good works you do in the world, are for what real purpose? If you or a partner demonstrates toxic behavior this is not authentic love or anything close to a soul mate partnership. Also, ignoring your problems only keeps them smoldering beneath the surface until one day they blow up.

Allowing abusive behavior under the disguise of a soul mate relationship can lead to years of suffering. Playing the victim only perpetuates and attracts more negativity and draws abuse your way. If you are in direct violation with your own integrity, the mind and body will weaken. Leaving you unable to hide from the powerful negative energy you attract your way. What is the answer to this dilemma you may ask?

Love, love and love yourself. Practice extreme Self-care daily. If you need a time out from work, take it! If you need to set boundaries with others, do not delay. If you need assistance in getting strong and out of a bad situation, seek help from your loved ones today. Pull up your power from deep inside you.


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Your greatest potential and possibilities in life are revealed in your natal birth chart.


Knowing your personal astrology can give you the edge needed to be victorious in life,relationships, spiritual life-path, finances and business. Personal Astrology

Kelley Rosano uses relationship Astrology to give you the inside scoop on the true nature of your relationships–romantic, family, friends and colleagues. Relationship Astrology.

Timing is everything!  We understand your timing through analyzing your transits-life-cycles. For instance, how the planets are in the heavens today aspecting your natal astrology.  Life-cycles

Astrological Coaching with Kelley Rosano is intuitive, inspirational and empowering. Coach Kelley offers the insight and clarity needed for your success in life, work and relationships. Coaching

You are the master of your destiny.  Our thoughts, feelings and behavior create our reality. You can use the astrological energies to build a what you love. Live abundantly. Business Life Coaching

In these transformational times we will not only survive. We will thrive.  If we release and let go of what no longer serves us. We can grow in ways that we never thought possible. We want to explore new ideas, try new approaches and take risks.  We want to be flexible and open to change. We can think like the young apprentice. The student of life who is hungry for knowledge, new experiences and open to new opportunities. We can be ready, willing and available for MORE. Personal Life Coaching


Astrology is used to analyze an individual’s talents, gifts, abilities, behavior patterns and potentials. Also, how we get in our own way. How we may limit ourselves or hold ourselves back from opportunities. Our birth chart shows our soul agreements (our contracts with family, friends and destiny.) For instance, what is your life purpose?  Who were born to become? What roles were you destined to play with other key people in your life?


♥ Is it time to  take your life in a new direction?

♥ Are you are ready for love and partnership?

♥ Is your heart in what you are doing now?

♥ Do you need help in finding your right path?

♥ What untapped talent, gifts, skills and abilities could be used to create revenue today?


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Astro*Talk is our most popular report. It is one of the finest astrological horoscopes ever written. Astro*Talk gives you a no-nonsense and easy-to-understand interpretation of your chart, step by step. This report will guide you through an inward tour. That will uncover your personal talents, skills and potentials that are uniquely yours. It will also bring you face-to-face (no holds barred) with your particular challenges and struggles. Perhaps reveal some surprising discoveries. That you may not readily acknowledge. Or even share with those closest to you.

Astro*Talk offers a modern take on what astrology has to say. Astro*Talk can change your life for the better. You have been brought up to be who you are. Astro*Talk offers a second opinion. One not based on politics or psychology. Instead, on what the cosmos has laid out for you from the beginning. It is well worth a listen.

Kelley’s philosophy:

When we role model to others a clear path in living powerfully. That is who-we-really-are.  We are teaching what we know through our example. The beauty is through our very demonstration in living our truth. We are creating opportunities for others to follow their own truth. Our empowered example will offer people a road map to follow their own heart’s desires. You can live your very best health, well-being, vitality, and power.


Zero right in on your coming events!

Timeline reports allow you to move back and forth through time effortlessly. Looking back on special events can be as enlightening as looking forward. You can produce transit, progressed and solar arc direction reports. You can create reports alone or in combination. You can mix eclipse contacts, house and sign ingresses and much more. What is on the horizon for you in 2013? Timeline can help you find the answers.


Who are Kelley’s clients?

Kelley’s clients are highly functional, enlightened and successful people. People that have problems, pains, frustrations, fears and unfulfilled desires. No matter what our challenge is, we can get to a better feeling place. We can improve. Kelley’s clients are people who are passionate and want more out of life. Clients who are determined to be empowered. Throughout this website, you will read what a few clients have said about working with Kelley Rosano. The value and improvements clients have received  from the experience.

Powerful Relocation Astrology

What does astrology have to say about the place you were born? What if you moved to another city, how would that affect you? Where is the best place for you to live? These are just a few of the questions that most of us have about relocation.


Hi Kelly

That was a wonderful reading Kelly and look forward to more of your readings in the coming months, love your style and passion as i am a Scorpio 11/21/74 with a Scorpio rising.

it all coming together after a long time, property, fitness, architecture creative job and about to get engaged on the 13th Nov, thanks again.

Kind Regards

Ben Hyde

Surry Hills NSW Australia

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Solar Return Forecast

We all know that each year the Sun returns to the same place in the zodiac as the moment you were born. That happens within a day of your birthday every year, so it’s your birthday chart. Your natal or birth chart may be the most important description of you, but your Birthday Chart each year has a lot to say about how you are now and what the current year has to offer.


 Free Astrological Chart Wheel

Free Astrological Chart Wheel

 Free Astrological Chart Wheel

Kelley Rosano

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