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Pisces Full Moon ~ Making Our Dreams Real

The Pisces Full Moon on August 31 ends the month with our second Full Moon in thirty days. This is termed a Blue Moon and it is highly active.  The planets are in a dynamic engagement creating a supportive system. For instance, powerful Pluto and action hero Mars are in harmonious energy flow to both the Sun and Moon. This influence can give us the capacity to dig deep to find the resources, power and drive we need to make our dreams real.


 “A dream is a manifestation. Just like what you live is a manifestation, but a dream is quicker and easier to achieve, and not so troublesome if there’s something you don’t want.” ~ Abraham 

We want to be aware of our (positive and negative) energy, thought patterns and intentions. We want to turn worrying and complaining into prayer and affirmation. For instance, if we are worried about money, we are using our mind power to focus on “lack”. The subconscious holds far greater power than our consciousness mind and believes whatever we tell it. The subconscious mind is like our Genie in a bottle. “Your wish is my command.”  For instance, by stating this aloud:


“I could certainly use more money.”

“I certainly expect more money to flow to me.”


We are feeding the positive into our subconscious mind and beliefs. We are programming our brain for success. The Law of Attraction will respond to whatever we are broadcasting. The Law of Attraction does not care if it is a dream or fact. It matches whatever we are vibrating, stating and believing.  Affirm aloud what you desire.


“I could certainly use more money.”

“I certainly expect more money to flow to me.”


“You cannot be less than you are now. You cannot achieve a vibration that is less than the vibration that you have achieved. That’s why when someone achieves an empire and then something happens where it is lost or destroyed, they still have the vibration that they’ve achieved, and the empire will come back again—you see it all the time—because it is the vibrational status that the Universe is responding to, not the financial status.” ~ Abraham

The Pisces Moon encourages “adaptable feelings.”  In Pisces, we are to dream, visualize, imagine, feel and care. Pluto is prompting us to use “practical intuition”.  In other words, we are to use both our logic and feelings to make our choices. Our feelings can be both profound and intense but not difficult. You can learn about aspects of your personality that are normally hidden from yourself. Pluto loves to dig deep to the core of our being and flush out past conditioning to be released and healed. We have the opportunity to make creative changes in Self, relationships and work.

The Sun in Virgo invites us to get “down to earth” with our affairs, both personal and professional. Virgo brings out our “adaptable practicality.” In Virgo, we can be analytical, industrious, systematic and reliable. Pluto and Mars in agreeable energy flow to the Sun can empower us to make positive changes in our life that do not disrupt, but allows us to evolve and grow. We can gain tremendous insights into ourselves and make successful changes if we desire.

Mars in supportive energy flow to the Sun can bring new opportunities to be personally effective under this influence. You could experience a promotion, increased income and/or business expansion for the business owner. Mars can give us the edge and increase our physical vitality, to work hard and accomplish much.

Action-orientated Mars is happy in his ancient home sign Scorpio.  This is an awesome time to do yoga, Pilates and weight training. Our physical activity can build strength, flexibility and self-confidence. This will increase our health, well-being, vitality and personal success.

Wherever Virgo is found in your natal chart is where you need to “analyze” your attitudes and ideas regarding the house affairs. Past theories may need rethinking. Our perfection lies in our imperfection.


♥ How can you improve your health, well-being and vitality?

♥ What talents, gifts and abilities do you want to utilize?

♥ How can you improve your finances?

♥ What new path are you ready to embark upon?

♥ What makes your spirit soar?


Just a few hours after the Pisces Full Moon, Mercury the messenger enters his home sign of Virgo on August 31 opposing nebulous Neptune.  This aspect is encouraging us to find the balance between our material needs and our spiritual fulfillment. This creates a more rewarding journey. The first few days of September are not the time to make major choices or sign on the dotted line.

However, rewards can be great if we wait.  September 5 Mercury in Virgo harmonizes with Mars in Scorpio. This can give us the edge we need in our thinking and communication skills. Sharp thinking can have us in the driver seat feeling empowered and clear in the decisions we are now making.

We want to practice being a casual observer. In this way, our energy can remain positive, proactive, free-flowing and clear. There are no obstructions to the magical manifestation abilities of those who remain neutral, balanced and centered. Abundance can flow freely to you, effortlessly and often. We need only to believe and trust in what our heart and inner voice are telling us. Pisces asks us to keep the faith! Believe that you deserve to have abundance, peace, love and Joy! We are worthy to have all the unlimited resources heaven has to bestow on us. Trust that all is moving in divine order.

 “Never mind what-is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration is a match to your desire. When your vibration is a match to your desire, all things in your experience will gravitate to meet that match every time.” ~ Abraham


This is a wonderful Pisces Full Moon if we keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. We can reach for the stars and make our dreams come true. The cosmic message is that we can release whatever has been holding us back, including all sense of separation from Source and each other–All Are One.  We are balancing the masculine and feminine. Women must stand in their truth and men must open their hearts. The personal dramas for many people are intense because we are finishing our third dimensional karmic lessons. We are graduating to a higher vibration on the 12.12.12.

This is the Great Awakening, the shift of the ages, the dawn of a new era. This is why we came to Earth, why we went through spiritual boot camp—-to be of service during this extraordinary transition. Align everything in your life with your mission and remember: “This blessed world, this third planet from the star we call the Sun, needs you and me to become all that she can be. We have the opportunity to bring to her a great gift, a gift for which she has been longing since our race first appeared among her dreams. The gift of ourselves. Awakened. Whole. Incarnate.” ~ The Return of the Bird Tribes, Ken Carey

“Be glad that you don’t have instant manifestation. This buffer of time is really your friend. It’s your opportunity to observe and to ponder and to visualize, and to remember. It’s your opportunity to take an Emotional Journey that might be different from what you’re actually observing.”  ~ Abraham


Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

 Happy Full Moon in Pisces!



Pisces Full Moon Mantras: “I Am the Casual Observer.”

“My energy is clear, unblocked and free flowing.”

“Thank You Creator for the Abundance that is mine.”


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Astrological Events 

Venus enters Leo September 9

Virgo New Moon September 15

Pluto Direct September 18

Pluto and Uranus second exact Square September 19

Sun enters Libra Fall/Spring Equinox September 22

Aries Full Moon September 29



Leo New Moon ~ Productive Pursuits

The Leo New Moon on August 17 has enormous creative power that can work through us to achieve our goals. We can use this New Moon to make our dreams real. We can build, grow and expand a business, projects and relationships. We are required to stay focused, believe in our vision and persevere. However, we have to take action.  If we sit back and allow this New Moon to pass us by we are missing an awesome opportunity. 

New Moons initiate the next thirty-day cycle. They are the perfect time to start something new.  Wherever Leo falls in your natal chart is where you are being asked to be courageous, authentic and to take a risk. Leo is our creative self-expression. The Leo New Moon will show us what must be center stage in our lives and the role we have come to play.  

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the star at the center of our solar system. Leo rules the heart, the central pump of our life force and the heart chakra, the center of the seven chakra system. Leo reminds us that we must live from the heart; our core truth, around which everything in our life must evolve.  Leo is the heart-centered individual. The opposite sign Aquarius represents our communities our soul families.



Leo’s image of the lion reflects the dedication and heroism required to become sovereign beings. It takes courage to be who we really are—neither pretending nor hiding. It takes strength and willpower to stay on our path when parents, teachers, culture and the media dictate otherwise.


♥ What were you born to be?

♥ Not to do or own, but to be?

♥ What do you dream of, for yourself and the world?


The Leo New Moon is in a close harmonious energy flow with both Saturn and Mars coupled in Libra. This gives us determination and the social skills to be constructive in work, health and love. Saturn and Mars in positive aspect to the New Moon can give us strong self-discipline and reasoning powers. We can have an extraordinary capacity to sustain our concentration until projects are completed and/or our goals are accomplished.

This intense concentration makes for exceptional athletes. Our skill is based on the ability to concentrate over long periods of time. Thus, this is an amazingly constructive and productive New Moon.  We can take the creative impulse of Leo and channel it into something that will stand the test of time.  Saturn and Libra can give us the power to stand for ourselves given any fear and doubt. We can be impeccable and right on the mark. When we act responsibly with clarity and cool we can be extraordinarily effective.



Saturn and Mars can give us a patient, practical approach to our relationships. We can understand what we need to do to make them mutually beneficial. Additionally, soul mates come in all shapes and sizes including big soul mate love and little soul mate love. Soul mates empower each other and challenge us in healthy ways. There is a constructive balance of giving and receiving in soul mate relationships. Speaking of relationships, there is another story going on here at the New Moon.



Venus, the Goddess of Love is in kind and compassionate Cancer. She is in a power struggle with Darth Vader Pluto and the big bad wolf Uranus.  Venus in Cancer awakens our divine feminine. Venus wants us to go deep into our feelings. Our feelings may have been buried since April while Venus was traveling through Gemini.  


What feelings are coming to the surface?

Are your emotional needs being met in your relationships?  

Are you speaking your truth?


Venus in Cancer and in challenging aspect to Pluto and Uranus is emphasizing the need to transform the patriarchal paradigm to one of equality and sustainability.  Women have to speak their truth.  Men have to open their hearts. We must own our power. We want to do what makes us feel empowered. Otherwise, we could feel pushed, used and abused by other people. Remember that nice rhymes with mice and mice get eaten by cats.

We must set our boundaries and raise our standards in relationships.  Venus in nasty aspect with Pluto and Uranus is a street fight. Venus must stand up for herself and not allow the bullies to push her around. Power, like everything else, is simply energy; it’s how we use it that makes all the difference.


♠ How do you use your power?

♠ Do you feel empowered?

♠ Are you living from your authentic creative power? 


This is an outstanding Leo New Moon. If we use this energy to focus on our goals, we can move mountains. We can have productive pursuits that carry us into 2013.  Our efforts will be worth it, remember after the heavy storm is the rainbow. This is the promise of our success if we do our part. Where are your talents and truth most needed? Where do you need to take a leap of faith? Get ready for major revelations and breakthroughs in the next few weeks.


“Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are! Nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes you happy; the things that thrill you, or the things that worry you. You have the choice in every moment.”— Abraham


Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

The Light Was Wining from the Beginning!



Happy Leo New Moon!



Leo New Moon Mantra “I Am Creative Power”  

“I Am Abundant today and every day of my life.”

“I Am completely focused on my Productive Pursuits.”



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Astrological Events 

Sun enters Virgo August 22,2012

North Node enters Scorpio August 30, 2012

Pisces Full Moon August 31, 2012