Astrology Services

The best astrology services start with your natal chart–personal astrology. This is a snapshot picture taken of the universe at the moment of birth. Personal Astrology  Astrology can give you the edge, greater self-confidence, inner peace and the knowledge that you are on your right path and flowing with your divine timing. Life Cycle Astrology Relationship Compatibility, Coaching, Business Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching

 We will focus Your Session on your questions and concerns. We may discuss your career, love, health, spiritual path, finances and your empowerment.

Kelley has availability starting January 24. Kelley’s schedule fills up fast. You are invited to schedule your session today. Magical Blessings!

Astrology Sessions

♦ Individual Hour Session $250

♦ Couple Session $300 Hour

♦ Group (3-5 people) Session $400 Hour

Visa/MasterCard/Discover American Express Accepted

Gift Certificates Available.

Astrology Sessions

We have a three step process to place you—our dear client into our astrology system.

Step 1) You purchase your session, for instance, $250 = Hour Session.

Step 2) Upon check out of your payment. You will receive the link to Kelley’s schedule. You will be able to schedule your session at the time of purchase. Please choose the best day/time that works for you. Please ensure that your PayPal email address is current.

Step 3) There is a drop down box on the online scheduler for you to enter your date of birth information, questions and concerns. For instance, the area of focus you want for your session. This box expands as you type. It will hold all your important information.

If you did not enter the important birth date and background information on the online scheduler. Please Email Kelley your date, time and city of birth and a list of your questions/concerns. Also your phone number for your session. Or do you want your session over Skype?

Please remember to add to your address book or safe list for uninterrupted delivery. Thanks!


All sessions are mp3 recorded and emailed to you for download on your computer. No need to take notes. We want to make sure you come away feeling empowered and inspired!

Skype Service

Kelley offers Skype Sessions. We can record your session using Skype. Please Make sure that you are signed in from your Skype account directly. This is needed to record your session on Skype.
You will have to be signed up for Skype to use this service.

“You exceeded my expectations…you are gifted at what you do and I am so grateful for the shift that you have provided me. Light and love to you.”

~ Dana Agnellini Speaker/Teacher/Musician

Astrology Sessions

♦ Individual Hour Session $250

This service includes your natal birth chart, your transits and progressions (Kelley takes them out two years into your future.) and your Solar return charts. Please Note:

Adding other people to your reading will be considered a couple session or a group session please read below.

♦ Couple Session $300 Hour

This service includes your personal astrology charts and a friend or partner’s personal astrology charts and the relationship astrology charts. This includes one or two people on the call with Kelley or one person interested in their relationship astrology.

♦ Group (3-5 people) Session $400 Hour

This service includes multiple natal birth charts for (3-5 people) on the call with Kelley or an individual on the call with Kelley and using multiple natal birth charts.