Life-Cycle Astrology

Astrology can give you an edge, inner peace and greater self-confidence knowing that you are on your right path, moving forward and aligning with your divine timing. 

Life-Cycle Astrology

Transits, Progressions, Eclipses and Solar Arc Directions:

The best use of astrology gives us a strong understanding of “who we uniquely are.”  Because reading the astrology natal chart as our foundational road map. We then can gain greater awareness, insight, and clarity into understanding our present life-cycles (astrology transits). Conscious awareness in our current life-cycles (astrology transits) gives us the advantage over obstacles and adversity.  Ignorance may be bliss. But, knowledge is power.

Life is filled with trials and tribulations. Would it be helpful to know why these events, relationships, job changes and/or endings occur?  For instance, we will analyze where the planets are right now in the heavens in aspect to your natal chart. The transits, progressions, eclipses and solar arc directions provide the astrologer with your current life-experiences. The astrology transits demonstrate how Creator is initiating, stretching and growing you. , your personal tests, initiations and opportunities for advancement.

For instance, will the energy this year be calm or disruptive, heavy or light?  What are your work, health, relationship possibilities/potentials? We usually have a mixture of both challenges and opportunities. The life-cycles (astrology transits) are powerful and amazing tools used to predict the outcome of events. If you are having a difficult time and want reliable answers, understanding your current astrology is a smart, savvy and wise method.

For example, your life-cycle astrology may reveal that you are experiencing a major Pluto cycle the past is burning away and you may feel certain aspects of your life are beyond your control. There is a slogan with Pluto, “Let go or I will rip it out of your hands.” In astrology, Pluto represents power and transformation, death and rebirth to all he touches.

In astrology, shrewd Saturn is the great initiator and tester of our foundation in work, life, relationships and destiny. Saturn can restrict like the walls in a room. If you have felt blocked, depressed, frustrated, exhausted or held back in any part of your life. Saturn may be at work trying to get your attention. In astrology, Jupiter is expansion, optimism, hope, blessings, wealth, opportunities, and gifts from the gods.  He is my favorite planet.


♠What doors are opening for you?

♠What  new opportunities are emerging in your life? 

♠What is your strategy for creating financial independence?

♠Have you been in a slow and quiet period?

♠Have you been in a chaotic period, with rapid change and growth?


In astrology Neptune rules the music and movie industry. He represents your highest ideals, i. e., your ideal job, your ideal mate. Neptune also rules illusion, delusion, deception, and confusion.  He cast’s spells in love (like cupid) and people can fall prey to love’s illusion.  Or, we can be taken advantage of by other people who are not coming from honor and integrity.  Knowing your astrology transits (life-cycles) can give you a strong understanding into what you are experiencing this year and next.   Would it not be reassuring and helpful to know your personal timing?

Additionally, all things in life come in turn (cycles). You can learn your personal timing through the gift of astrology. Knowledge is power.  Your astrology life-cycles (transits) can help you to know when to change, move, merge, wait, and take action.  Learn how to ride the wave of your life cycles, and reach your fullest potential/power. You can move with the positive energy of your astrology and master being in the right place at the right time: serendipity. Timing is everything.  Your life-cycle astrology can give you your right timing.

In life we call it Happy Birthday!  In astrology, this is when your natal Sun returns to its exact degree at birth. This is your Solar Return (Sun return to birth). Your Solar Return occurs once a year on your birthday or on the day before. There are years you can celebrate your birthday on two days.


“Dear Kelley ,

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading , I really think you are one of a kind ,

I have had reading done before but yours is the only one witch got to my soul my heart and my mind , You are great,

God bless you.” Best regards, Hussain Almeleihi, Dubai


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“Dear Kelley,

Trust your doing well! I am through, my residency has been approved. It was approved as of the last Thursday the 19th of April and as you rightly said it all happened and all i had to do was to have faith and belief in the higher power and play my part in being persistent and it happened. This has swept me off my feet and it has turned my life upside down <g> but in a good way, a very good way!!

I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and the courage you empowered me with to take this forward and fight it through. I know want to jump on to living my true life path and achieve all that i desire and deserve. I will be needing your guidance along this journey and we will back to seek it.” ~ Anand Kumar, Wellington, New Zealand

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“You exceeded my expectations…you are gifted at what you do and I am so grateful for the shift that you have provided me. Light and love to you.”

~ Dana Agnellini Speaker/Teacher/Musician