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Power Manifesting






When: Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Time: 12:00 – 1:30 PM EST

Where: the Internet

What to bring: Your questions.  Be ready to have fun and learn tons.


Limited Space Available. Reserve your place today!

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Do not worry if you miss the live event. Everyone who purchases the Money Manifestation Live Event will be emailed the event recording and the companion workbook.

Please make sure to add “” to your preferred email list. Please be sure that your PayPal email address is updated and active. This is the only way we have to contact you. We will email you the link to the live events on January 24 the day of the event. You will receive a thank you email from us following your purchase. If you do not receive this thank you email. Please check your spam folder and/or email us.


What is power manifesting?

Power manifesting is the ability to create what you desire. Your heart’s desire.

Power manifesting is the ability to attract what you need when you need it.

Power manifesting is using your mind, body and spirit to be abundant.

Power manifesting is using your fullest Potential and Power.

Power manifesting is the ability to receive, to be a receiver.


Abundance is more than money. Abundance is having what you need when you need it. Power Manifesting is the ability to solve problems. Create prosperity. Power Manifestor knows that s/he Self-create their own reality. They take responsibility for their lives. This puts the Power Manifestor in the driver seat. When you own your power, you have the strength to overcome adversity. Abundance is health and well-being. Your wealth is in your health. The stronger you are the more energy you have to attract Love, Joy and freedom. The goal is to be empowered. A sad statistic was published on January 12. Forty-seven percent of Americans do not have $500 to their name. It is your destiny to live the abundant life. You help other people when you are abundant. Positive energy lifts people up. Everything is energy. Money and Love are the same energy. Positive psychology teaches you to retrain your brain. So that you are hard wired for abundance. It does not matter what going in the world. What matters is your point of attraction.  Let us get you programmed to receive. “My intention is to receive.” Make this your new mantra. Say this aloud for the full effect.


How to use the Astrology, Numerology and the new wave of energy in 2017

Now is the time to use Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. They are in positive energy flow with each other.  You will not see this again in your lifetime. Saturn will never be in Sagittarius when Uranus is in Aries forming a harmonious aspect with each other. This is good news. Jupiter too is making positive connections with both Saturn and Uranus. These energies are creating a new foundation empowering you to create what you truly desire. Live Your Best Life!

Using the Numerology 2017 is a One Year.

Ones are New Beginnings. There is great power for creation.

What do you want to create?

Where do you want a fresh start?

Be ready to seize Your Opportunities

It is Your Destiny to Be Powerful and Creative

You are here in this life to create.

Be the Magician

Be the One you have come to become!

You are a Powerful Creator.

What do you want to create?

What is in the way of what you want?

Are you open to new ideas, beliefs and ways of living?

Are you open to new techniques?

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things?

Make positive changes in your life.

Flow with your prosperity and abundance.

Money and abundance are important to living a successful life.  Kelley too will be using astrology, coaching and attraction principles.  You can interact, ask questions and receive live group coaching!

Kelley loves working with large groups of people. This process is greatly compatible with Kelley’s high energy level and intensity. In fact, she is able to execute most clearly when speaking in a broader capacity.


Call upon Fortuna

The ascended lady master Fortuna is the Goddess of Abundance. Fortuna possesses the power to release more money when you really need it. Say this out loud when you need more money.

“Light’s Treasures”:

Fortuna, Goddess of Supply,
Of all God’s wealth from realms on high,
Release thy treasures from the Sun
And now bestow on everyone

Whose heart beats one with God’s own Light
The Power to draw from heaven’s height,
Abundance to expand the plan
The Masters hold for every man.

Attune our consciousness with thee,
Expand our vision now to see
That opulence is meant for all
Who look to God and make the call.

We now demand, we do command
Abundant manna from God’s hand,
That now below as is Above
All mankind shall express God’s Love.

—– Church Universal and Triumphant

Say this prayer for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes or a half hour. Watch the money come to you.



  1. Thank you Kelly for this beautiful prayer to say for the manifestation of wealth I so desire 2/2 wish-fulfillment now for the career and I’m in or trying to get to thank you Kelly.

  2. Love this prayer.. thank you so much for sharing it!

  3. Powerful prayer! Thank you Kelley, love your work & your message!

  4. Thank you for this prayer,I have found an answer to my prayer of finances.I believe and have faith that money is coming to me abundantly

  5. Comment
    Thank you.I have found solution to my financial prosperity

  6. Thank you so much for the prayer we think you rock

  7. Thank you Kelly and Have a Happy New Year, plus much Peace, Love, and Light. Namaste. Diane

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