Financial Astrology

The use of financial astrology in the business world may eventually become commonplace. Business people are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and profits.  How would it help your business if you knew future economic conditions? When is the best time to expand or contract your business months and years ahead of time?  What about the best time to launch new products or services to maximize your profits? Or what about when not to make or implement major business decisions? You can strategically use business astrology for the timing of meetings, incorporating your business, launching new products and partnering with key individuals.


Timing is everything.


The ancient science of astrology has been used to predict future economic conditions for uncounted centuries by astrologers as diverse as Egyptian, Chaldean, African, Chinese, Maya, and Polynesian.  Astrology is modern because today’s computer-assisted astrologers bring a major innovation to our high-tech global economy. For the executive who has pondered his company’s “unexplainable” ups and downs of fortune, astrology opens new insights, new potentials, and new possibilities. Business astrology’s amazing synchronicity, showing how planetary cycles and angles can be read to help a company plan strategy, time the launching of new projects, whether difficult periods, hire new people, combine personnel for maximum performance, and much more.


Astrology is essential for your business and financial mastery.


Knowing your financial astrology is very empowering on an individual basis as well. We have money planets and money houses. If you know your strengths and weaknesses around your ability to attract wealth and keep it. This can empower you to achieve financial independence.  When we have financial reserves we are less moved by the external factors such as the economy or job security.  In this way, we can be the master of our destiny and not feel like the victim of external economic forces beyond our control.  We need to know our financial abilities revealed through the natal astrology as well as the life-cycle astrology to understand how to best strategize for our financial freedom.


“You have an amazing gift, Kelley and even more important… a remarkable ability to deliver powerful insights with laser focus.  Your words continue to resonate with me and provide added value even after our meeting. Each time I listen to the recording of our session I glean something new that I hadn’t quite heard in the same way previously. Great Stuff!” – Will Craig – Founder & President, Coach Training Alliance: Professional Coaching School

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“Dear Kelley,

 Trust your doing well! I am through, my residency has been approved. It was approved as of the last Thursday the 19th of April and as you rightly said it all happened and all i had to do was to have faith and belief in the higher power and play my part in being persistent and it happened. This has swept me off my feet and it has turned my life upside down <g> but in a good way, a very good way!!

I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and the courage you empowered me with to take this forward and fight it through. I know want to jump on to living my true life path and achieve all that i desire and deserve. I will be needing your guidance along this journey and we will back to seek it.” ~ Anand Kumar, Wellington, New Zealand


The Planets in the Houses of  Business Charts


Sun: The Sun draws a focus on the issues of the house it is in. These issues should be faced squarely in order for the business to succeed.  The Sun represents the reputation of the organization. The development of resources, risk-taking ability, and the product or service of the business entity.

Moon: The Moon stands for real estate investments. In an organization the building, the office and the property. The Moon tends to make matters ruled by its house somewhat unclear and even irrational.  The house position of the Moon often symbolizes the weakest or most sensitive areas of the business.  The lunar cycles are very important in determining important decisions and implementing new ideas during action cycles.  Why waste time in meetings where nothing will come of it or head down the wrong road?

Mercury: The messenger communication planet represents efficient functioning of the house he is in.  Mercury rules messages, telephones, all communications, scheduling changes, transportation, electronic equipment, computers, cars, and travel.  Mercury rules employees, sickness, and labor unions. He is very important in all business decisions. Three times out of the year Mercury will be retrograde (appears to move backward from Earth.) Each retrograde cycle will last for 25 days. The Mercury retrograde cycle is best utilized for redoing, reworking, rewriting, revisiting, reinventing, researching, pre-planning,  reconnecting, rebuilding, reevaluating, reconsidering, clean up, and catching up on work.  A Mercury retrograde cycle is not the best time to sign contracts or launch new projects, products or services. It is an excellent time for clean up, reorganization, and not a time for forwarding action.

Venus: The planet of alliances and business partnerships. Venus rules the organization’s relationship with the public and other companies. Venus rules the money, the budget, the assets, the credit financing, contracts, earning and purchasing power.  Venus also signifies the approval of the public of your products and services.

Mars: This is one of the most important planets in the business chart as Mars represents initiative, ambition, and desire to cut through obstacles to achievement.  A strong Mars in the business chart can make for a forceful, formidable, competitive successful business.

Jupiter: Jupiter nearly always has a positive influence on any house he resides. Jupiter creates the opportunity for travel or legal success
.  Jupiter rules publishing, advertising, and educational programs. Jupiter can expand financial gain with careful prudent planning.

Saturn: Saturn stands for the boss or management, the announced objectives, goals, policies, reputation, and status of the business. Calculating Saturn represents problems. restrictions, limitations, and delays, often brought about by authority figures or even the government. Serious Saturn reveals which matters need to be carefully organized and planned out.

Uranus: Uranus represents technology, the internet, advanced techniques, and creative genius. Uranus stands for the advisory groups, social activities, and association membership. Uranus also rules independence and unplanned events.

Neptune: Neptune signifies the secret activities, plots, errors and misgivings, dealings with institutions, research, and intelligence gathering. Like the Moon Neptune can confuse matters. Neptune represents the ideals and vision of the organization.

Pluto: Powerful Pluto represents loans, debts, joint financial projects, losses or gains from deaths, inheritances.  Pluto’s house position usually refers to the areas of the business in which crisis conditions are most prevalent.  There often is power struggles sharing seems to be both the problem and the solution.

Who Uses Astrologers?

Presidents, CEO’s, and billionaires use astrologers. Entrepreneurs, business owners, therapists, doctors, financial planners, managers, executives, sales representatives, artists, writers, lawyers, musicians, and numerous other professional backgrounds; public traded corporations, business, government, and non-profit organizations.

President Ronald Reagan used an astrologer and she saved his life.  His astrology revealed he could be fatally wounded so his beloved wife Nancy took action and it was mitigated.  Billionaire J. P. Morgan listened to his astrologer who said: “Don’t get on the Titanic.”  He heard, observed and watched some of his best friends die on that tragic vessel. J. P.  Morgan used astrology for business timing purposes too. He financed such companies as   U. S. Steel Corporation and the Great Northern  & Pacific Railroad.  His use of astrology made him a billionaire.

Walt Disney used astrological cycles for business purposes. He made millions using astrological timing for the opening of his movies and theme parks. Businesses in Asia have been utilizing astrology for centuries.  Their formidable business competitions prove their understanding of the art of astrological timing.  Knowledge is power.

On Wall Street, where we have to respect the fact that they will use astrology because they are interested in results. Business astrologers are referred to as ‘business consultants.’  “Astroeconomics is like technical analysis 30 years ago. People were using it and nobody talked about it,” says Henry Weingarten, a financial astrologer turned money manager. It’s a fairly open secret that a certain segment of fund managers, traders and investors use financial astrology, and eventually it will become mainstream.” –Reuters

God gave us the gift of astrology, to comfort, clarify, and strategize our choices.  We can ride the wave of our life-cycles and reach our fullest potential and power.  You were intended to have it all!  Today, you do not have to be rich or powerful to know and capitalize on your astrology. It has been made available by Creator for your grace, comfort, advantage, prosperity, power, happiness and well-being.  You were created to live a joyful life.

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“When you focus upon lack in an attitude of complaining, you establish a vibrational point of attraction that then gives you access only to more thoughts of complaint. Your deliberate effort to tell a new story will establish a new pattern of thought, providing you with a new point of attraction from your present, about your past, and into your future. The simple effort of looking for positive aspects will set a new vibrational tone that will begin the immediate attraction of thoughts, people, circumstances, and things that are pleasing to you.”—-Abraham

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OMG – I have listen to the MP3 this evening. I have to say the constructive content in our conversation and the reading of my chart for perspective consideration – brought much insight in listening again in what you brought to this conversation!!

Kelly – bless you in the service you offer you clients!!! My path has been illuminated with much to considered. I thank you for this meeting and the new journey I feel is opening up to me in the revelation of this conversation!

You are now apart of my journey and I look forward to your mentoring through astrology in the ensuing months and years to come!!

Blessings my dear lady and again – thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!! — Robert

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