2018 Personal Vision


The Path

Questions to ask yourself, when writing your personal vision:

1.      Who is living the life you most envy?

2.      Describe what you think it is like.

3.      Who is doing the kind of work you most wish you could be doing?

4.      Describe what their work life must be like.

5.      If you only had six healthy months left to live, what would they look like?

6.      What do you want more of:

–        In your relationship

–        In your work

7.      What do you want less of:

–        In your relationship

–        In your work

8.      Describe in detail your ideal work setting.

9.      Describe in detail your ideal work day.

10.    Describe in detail your ideal co-workers or clients.

11.    If money were no object, what would you be doing with your life?

12.    What would you do if you were ten times bolder?

–        In your primary love relationship?

–        In your work setting?

–        In your community?

–        In your family?

–        In your place of worship?

13.    Imagine that it is Monday morning, 9 A.M., three years from now.

–        Where are you?

–        What are you doing?

–        Who are you seeing?

–        What are you wearing?

14.    It is now noon, same day.

–        Who are you going to see?

–        Where are you going for lunch?

15.    It is now Saturday, 6 P.M.

–        Where are you?

–        What are you doing?

–        Who are you seeing?

–        What are you wearing?

16.    You are now a very old person, walking with a school child who asks you, “What are you most proud of about your life?”

17.    You are about to die.  What did you accomplish before you left?

18.    As a result of your having lived, three things have changed or shifted in the world. What  are they?

19.    Now write out your vision statement, incorporating your responses from all of the questions above.” — Laurie Beth Jones


Blessings and Abundance

Kelley Rosano



2017 Personal Path 






  1. i would like to learn more about your work. nameste

  2. Love this and love watching your videos, I’m going to use this to make a plan for next year. blessings peace and prosperity to you. x

  3. love the direction of the light^

  4. You are fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a step by step ‘think tank’ for all of us as a guide to where we will find our happy self. This is my vision to nurture. xxoo

  5. This was awesome and really helped my to put my vision for myself onto paper in a very detailed and honest way.

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