The Success Process: Ten Steps to Sustainable, Fulfilling Success

  Stop Tolerating

When you stop putting up with stuff,  you will have more energy  .


  Get Complete

When you complete unfinished business and fully communicate, you will experience peace.


  Simplify Everything

When you simplify your life, you will have much more space, and experience balance.


  Strengthen  Your Foundation

When your needs are met and your personal foundation is solid, confidence replaces fear.

  Orient Around What Matters

When your life is oriented around what is most important to you, you will have clarity about  what’s next.


  Experiment  And  Improve Continuously

When you try new things or ways of thinking, you will become a more creative person.


  Strengthen  Your  Strengths

When you build on what you have, you will become more  successful.


When you build a reserve in every area, you can leverage more opportunities more quickly .

Integrate Your Life

When you make sure your life’s components fit tog ether well, you will experience effortlessness.

  Polish Everything

When you buff up every aspect of your life, you will feel even more proud to be a human being.

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